i sweat and that’s that.

some gals shine, some gals glisten, and some gals just plain ol’ sweat. let’s just assume you are one of the sweaters just like me. please oh please, i hope you are! i can’t be the only sweaty person in the world, no way…for sure i am not. lovely, right?

not everyone sweats the same though. there are the beads of sweat on the nose sweaters. and the side of the temple drippy sort of sweaters. and let’s not forget all you above the lip sweaters. i happen to be one of the oh so gross back of the neck sweaters…neck towel, anyone? i guess it could be worse. i could be an underarm stain sweater. not cool to be her at all. it’s hard to look sophisticated with all that wetness going on. “wipe, dab, wipe, dab”.  would it be considered sophisticated to carry a small mobile fan with me? no. real women sweat? yes, they do and i am as real as they come.  sweating is just one of many wonderful tricks that my body performs.

love the summer, hate the heat. love the sun, hate the heat. hate the heat, hate the sweat.