best time of day…

is in the morning when i still have all my allotted weight watcher points ahead of me.  35 points full of promise and hope. i can fill them with just about anything really.  i think i’ll go with a 6 point bag of m & m’s for breakfast just to get me started. that still leaves me with a ton of points; points for all my salty cravings, my late in the day sweet cravings and even some left over for some nutritional value. it’s really only in the morning that this all sounds so promising and hopefully. by 2:00 i’ve pretty much had it and my points are looking like little bitches just waiting for me to fail. what’s a girl to do at 8pm when all the good shows are on tv and i have nothing left in my points pool to munch on mindlessly? points shmoints! i mean, who lives like this? what kind of society are we dealing with here? tomorrow is another day, another morning will come and my 35 points will be back…maybe i’ll cut my m & m’s down to 4 points. hey, it’s all about the math!