if it’s green…

does that make it healthy? can i get an AMEN?! yes, i can!

it’s that time of year for the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake and all is good in the world once again! what’s better than sucking green bliss through a straw and getting a minty high  at the end of every slurp? NOTHING. i’m usually vanilla with this sort of thing, but when shamrock come’s a-callin’, i just have to “shake” it up!

run, don’t walk. RUN! do not pass go and drive up to the nearest Mickey Dee’s window and get yourself green and happy!


it’s that time again…

holy girl scout cookie! those 0bnoxious trefoils are calling my name, can you hear it? it’s hard to hear over the loud screams of the thin mints for which i eat by the sleeve. what are those little girl scouts trying to prove? if all they want is another badge on their sash, i’d gladly buy them one, but these cookies are the death of me! hang on a sec…the do-si-dos are knocking on my door. Girlscout Cookies