just the sound of the word SUMMER makes me smile! Sure, I usually use this space to bitch and moan…but what’s to bitch and moan about SUMMER?! it’s a happy little season, isn’t it? i suppose if you live in a warm climate all year round, SUMMER means nothing…but to this girl: it means EVERYTHING!

flip flops – air those footsies out, people! let your toes see the world and color them pretty!

bbq’s- nothing wrong with bbq’ing all year round, but summer bbq’ing has more taste for some reason…same amount of calories unfortunately!

swimwear – yeah, i know…WHATEVS! show it, feel it, SWIM it!

daylight – longer days with the sun shining…what could be better?

watermelon – nuf said. winter watermelon? no thank you!

attitude – happy go lucky! okay, not all the time…but even stress feels better in the sunshine, in the water, on a raft, with a cocktail, enjoying a snack, la la la!

okay, this will be my last annoyingly happy post….i just can’t help myself today! SUMMER is here and i feel good!