just the sound of the word SUMMER makes me smile! Sure, I usually use this space to bitch and moan…but what’s to bitch and moan about SUMMER?! it’s a happy little season, isn’t it? i suppose if you live in a warm climate all year round, SUMMER means nothing…but to this girl: it means EVERYTHING!

flip flops – air those footsies out, people! let your toes see the world and color them pretty!

bbq’s- nothing wrong with bbq’ing all year round, but summer bbq’ing has more taste for some reason…same amount of calories unfortunately!

swimwear – yeah, i know…WHATEVS! show it, feel it, SWIM it!

daylight – longer days with the sun shining…what could be better?

watermelon – nuf said. winter watermelon? no thank you!

attitude – happy go lucky! okay, not all the time…but even stress feels better in the sunshine, in the water, on a raft, with a cocktail, enjoying a snack, la la la!

okay, this will be my last annoyingly happy post….i just can’t help myself today! SUMMER is here and i feel good!


knock knock…

is this thing on? anyone home? can you hear me?

yeah..i guess it’s on, i just haven’t had anything new to say. nah, that’s a lie. i always have something to say. summer is approaching any minute. the bathing suits in my drawer are reminding me of that. all i can think about is bbq’ing to be perfectly honest. my own and other people’s bbq’s are on top of my mind. summertime is for eating. how ironic is that?? eat more and strut around in something that resembles your underwear for all the public to see. yeah, that makes no sense. maybe it’s just me? maybe i’m the only one who dreams about hamburgers, and well-cooked hot dogs on the grill, chicken and ribs bathing in bbq sauce, buttery corn on the cob, potato salad “just like your mother made” but it’s really from shoprite, chips, pickles, and those deliciously sweet baked beans.