age is just a number…

or is it? i think not!

i’m in my 46th year and i see a whole lot of change going on! recently the bags under my eye’s have decided to make a statement and believe you me, i hear them loud and clear [errr, see them i mean]! up until this point they totally had my back, but now those little bitches are starting real trouble. reality set in this morning when i noticed some change in my earlobes. yes, i said EARLOBES. they’ve actually started to sag. what? that only happens to old ladies, you say? well, is late 40’s the start of being an old lady? if so,  i just won’t stand for it. i won’t! i’ve made my peace with my saggy boobs, but earlobes is a whole other story and i’m just not okay with it! this aging process has really put a damper on all that wisdom i’m supposed to get when i’m older. great, i’ll be smart but i’ll look like dumbo.